The Who, What, Where & Why of Geek End Cast

Geek (noun \ˈgēk\): a person who is very passionate in and knows a lot about a particular subject.

Who are we? Geekend Cast is a group of friends both old and new who grew up with addictions to games, books, movies, anime, sports, and comics. If it has a fandom, chances are one of us is a Geek for it. Like you, we’ve found that our various obsessions help connect us to each other and to those around us. We know that life can get a little hectic and sometimes you just want to listen to random people talking about the things you love. We have a lot of fun talking about what we love and hope you’ll enjoy listening.

When will new episodes released?

Where are we from? We currently hail from Northern Florida. Wait! Why do you ask? Who do you work for? I’ve already said too much…

Where can I listen to the podcast? Soundcloud and iTunes, Google Play, or even right here on our website. Why go anywhere else?

How does this thing work? I have no idea, I’m just the writer bot assigned to edit this shenanigan. We upload a thing to the place and out comes “entertainment”.